We are a gospel centered family of disciple-makers that hope to see the gospel and its fruits cover every square inch of Richardson.

Life in Christ

We want to grow deep in delighting in our life in Christ through prayer, worship and study.

Life Together

We want to cultivate community through hospitality, vulnerability and generosity to one another.

Life on Mission

We want to see the gospel and its fruits cover every square inch of Richardson. 

Four Foundational Truths

The four foundational truths will be used as doctrinal shorthand. While this isn’t everything we can say about God, we will often refer to these foundational truths in order to communicate who God is, what He has done, and what our response to Him should be.
God is great
He is sovereign over all things.
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God is gracious
He saves his people.
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God is glorious
He satisfies his people.
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God is good
He is worthy of our trust.
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Why We Exist

Vision, Identity & Mission
At Mosaic Church, we have a very specific vision for the city of Richardson, Texas that is tied to our mission and identity as a church and is rooted in a set of values and practices that guide all the decisions we make as a body of believers.
To see the gospel and its fruits cover every square inch of Richardson
When it is the ordinary experience of every person in Richardson to have a daily encounter with the good news of Jesus in word or deed, we will know that this vision has been accomplished.
We are a gospel centered family of disciple-makers
When we see and hear that Mosaic has become a place where strangers are welcomed in and become part of the family and are growing as disciples of Jesus, we will know that our identity is fully formed.
Mosaic Church exists to cultivate life in Christ, life together, and life on mission
When the story of every member of our church is one of faithful abiding in the Lord, deep fellowship with one another and passionate evangelism among the community, we will know that our mission has been realized.
Deliberately Local
We are in Richardson for Richardson on purpose.
Urgently Evangelistic
We invite people to follow Jesus with us.
Theologically Robust
We want to know who God is and what He has done.
Invitation, Not Obligation
We are a culture of invitation.
We hope to unify a diverse city around the good news of Jesus.
Radically Generous
We hope to reflect God’s generosity by giving away what we have received.
Charismatically Expressive
We hope to witness the Spirit move in our midst, bringing deliverance and healing.
Part of a Gospel Movement
We hope to help spread the good news of Jesus throughout Richardson and the world.

Our Story

In 2018, a group of believers who lived in and loved Richardson—burdened to see a gospel movement in this city—came together to plant Mosaic Church. We are a deliberately local church because we love the people, parks, businesses, watering holes and schools that make up this city. And though it is a place that has incredible religious, economic and cultural diversity, our hearts break to see a greater gospel presence. As C.S. Lewis said, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.” The neighbors we meet, the parks we gather in, and the restaurants and shops we frequent are full of men and women, boys and girls, who need to hear the good news of Christ. We aim to take it to them.