Our Partners

The following is a group of organizations and churches we partner with monthly to bring the gospel to light in hard soil both in and around our community but also in areas where we do not physically exist. We are glad for our partners, excited about their work and, most of all, thankful that the Lord makes his name known in all the earth.

Richardson-Area Organizations


Richardson Area Young Life: Many of you not only know about Young Life but have served this organization, too. Young Life "believes in the power of presence" and that "kids are dramatically influenced when caring adults come alongside them, sharing God's love with them."

Your resources here will also flow into Young Lives, which is the arm of Young Life that serves teen moms.

Forefront Experience Logo.png

Forefront: This organization's mission is to "reach for the unreached by building disciple-making teams and equipping young adults for a lifetime of effective ministry ..." In Richardson this means discipling international students and refugees.

For the Nations: FTN is similar to Forefront, but serves folks who are at a different stage of life. The goal of For the Nations is "to provide educational and acculturation services that help meet the practical needs of refugees and to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ."


Prestonwood Pregnancy Center: This organization has served over 65,000 women in the last 27 years in DFW by providing free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, consultation, classes and assistance. They "provide women and their families in DFW and the surrounding areas with the support they need in the face of uncertainty."

You can sign up to serve right here and sign up to give right here.

Church Planters

These are churches outside of Richardson that we have given both a one-time 2018 gift to and committed to partner with monthly for the next two years (2019-20). We want to support churches and church planters on rocky soil as they take the gospel to all ends of our country.

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Seven Mile Road Waltham (Clint Patronella)

Clint and his family are on mission in Waltham, Mass. just outside of Boston to "make, mature, and multiply disciples in Waltham by providing clear and compelling witness to the real Jesus."

The Patronellas have played a big role in the lives of so many of our people over the years, and we are thrilled to partner with them as they take the gospel to some of the toughest places in the northeast.


Pillar Church (Kaynenn Parker)

The Parkers are planting Pillar Church in a tough part of East Ft. Worth with a launch team starting early in 2019. They are intent on "giving (the community of East Ft. Worth) repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ."