Student Milestone Weekend

Nov 1, 2024
Nov. 1st - 3rd
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Milestone Weekends: Our next Milestone Weekend will be November 1st-3rd. This Friday evening and Saturday morning event will be for those students who are turning 13, 16, and 18 years old this year.

Registration closes Oct. 1st. It costs $20 per person to participate.

This weekend is meant to acknowledge and celebrate our students as they navigate their teenage years while calling them toward gospel fullness and faithfulness as they move into new seasons. We’ve pinpointed three of these milestone markers that we want to especially recognize - 13, 16, and 18. Each year when students in our body cross these milestone marker years, we want to pause to honor and encourage them, while praying that God would use these new seasons to mature them as His image bearers (identity), draw them further into the life of His people (belonging), and propel them out to participate in God’s mission in the word (purpose). These weekends will take place each year in early November for students who are turning 13, 16, or 18 years of age. These weekends will consist of a Friday night and Saturday morning experience with an aim toward celebration and forming our students in the areas of identity, belonging, and purpose.

These weekends are for those turning 13, 16, and 18 this year, and the hope is that students would be able to participate in these weekends 3 different times throughout their time as a Mosaic student.

Here are some examples for who should participate: If your student is currently 12 and turns 13 in December, I would have them participate in this year’s Milestone Weekend. If your student is turning 16 in March it could make sense to have them participate in next year’s Milestone Weekend. If your student turned 18 a few months back, say in June, this year’s would definitely be the one to attend. It is somewhat broad and up to parents to determine what makes sense as to when your student’s birthday falls in relation to these weekends, so reach out with questions or if you find yourself confused!