Gospel Conversations Training - November

Nov 9, 2024
10am - 2pm
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God is eager to see every square inch of Richardson - whether homes or parks, schools or cafes, from the west to the east - covered by the gospel and it’s fruit. This vision is both exciting and terribly daunting, and yet God has purposefully invited you - in your life stage, with your knowledge, and your fears – to be a witness to his goodness and grace to your family, friends, neighbors, and the nations. While we all know this theoretically, the goal of this Gospel Conversations training is to build clarity and confidence that closes the gap between our knowledge and joyful obedience, empowering you to know WHO you are sent to, HOW to enter into meaningful spiritual conversations, and WHAT to say.

Lastly, this is not just for adults, but God’s desire is for your entire family to be a family of disciple-makers! Not only did Jesus highly value and hold up our kids as the model of biblical faith, but they will likely be the most effective disciple-makers among us! Trust us: everything we train is simple enough for a six-year old to grasp, yet profound enough for the most mature among us to devote our lives to.

What to expect:

  • A Time of Worship
  • Understanding God’s Heart for Richardson
  • Discovering what scripture says about God’s Mission and God’s Methods
  • A simple way to move from the surface to the spiritual
  • A simple way to share your story
  • A simple way to share God’s story, the gospel
  • Lots of practice together!

Coffee and lunch will be provided, and though we’d love for ALL your children to join us, childcare is available for ages 6 and under for those who register in advance.