What is Maundy Thursday and Good Friday?

March 21, 2024
What is Maundy Thursday and Good Friday?
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From the beginning of Mosaic’s life we have marked Holy Week with a Palm Sunday service, a Good Friday service, and an Easter Sunday service.

In truth: I believe the Holy Week is one of the most unique opportunities for being shaped by the story of scripture. Why?

Holy Week invites us to step into the story of Christ’s final week of earthly ministry. To have our sense of space, time, history, meals, cleaning - all these ordinary and mundane matters of life - redefined by the gospel story.

Palm Sunday invites us to enter into the city of Jerusalem with the palm branches waving and the songs of rejoicing - as Jerusalem receives her King, we are reminded that He is our true King as well.

On Maundy Thursday (a service Mosaic is hosting for the first year) - we are invited into the upper room where Jesus teaches the disciples on the night of his betrayal. He institutes the Lord’s Supper as the fulfillment of Passover and He washes the disciple’s feet in a picture of God’s different kingdom.

At our Maundy Thursday service this year, we will step into the upper room together and hear the words of Jesus. We will come to the Lord’s table together and we will wash our hands and remember: Only King Jesus can make us clean.

Good Friday gives us the opportunity to look upon the cross and the crucified King. To remember that the cross is both tragedy and triumph, heartbreak and healing, substitution and salvation.

Then on Easter Sunday we gather with the proclamation “He is risen!” We celebrate the resurrection with baptisms and the proclamation of the good news that “He is risen indeed!”

Holy Week, in a unique way, invites us to remember that our lives and our time is defined by the story of Jesus. That God invites us into the story and presence of Jesus in meaningful ways, not just on Sunday at 10AM, but on Thursday and Friday night. And in every ordinary moment of every ordinary day.

I invite you to join us for our Holy Week services. I encourage you to invite those in need of good news to join us on Easter Sunday - that others might hear of the salvation God has brought and is bringing in Christ.In this next week, God has an invitation for us to have our ordinary time, a normal week, reordered in light of the story of Christ. And this changes not just next week, but every moment until the resurrected King returns in glory.

In Christ,

Kyle Worley