Changing by God’s Grace, for His Glory

Changing by God’s Grace, for His Glory
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A new year brings with it many “should’s.”

I should read more. I should watch less tv. I should exercise more. I should snack less. I should be a better family member, friend, spouse, parent… I should be less self-focused. While these “should’s” can provide an initial spur to pursue change, they rarely offer the kind of sustaining power that produces an actually changed life. Why is that?

I think, at least in my experience, it’s because the engine under these “should’s” is guilt and the goal is actually a selfish picture of a better version of me. I’ve seen that the engine of guilt and the goal of selfishness are insufficient for producing positive change in my life.

However, I’ve also seen a pendulum-swinging tendency in myself: I seek to insulate myself from failure by forsaking goals to change. Rather than giving me freedom, this only produces stagnation.

I know this is not what the Lord would have of me. So I am seeking to become the kind of man he wants me to be by the gracious power he supplies, all for his glory.

I want to speak to those of you who have felt at some point that you should lead in some way in the life of the church. You have heard the calls to serve by leading a group at Mosaic. You have felt a tug to grow as a leader but, for whatever reason, you have not stepped out yet.

If you have felt that tug but have not stepped into leadership, I ask you to remember with me: God’s grace is much better fuel than our guilt. Don’t seek to please others or even yourself, but respond to the gracious invitation of God. Also remember that your goal is not merely a  “more mature you.” Rather, God is calling you to the goal of being a blessing to others all for his glory. He supplies what we need to pursue the change he calls us to for the sake of his name.

If this resonates with you, I’d love the chance to connect with you and talk about what is involved in leading a group at Mosaic. Email me or let’s talk in person on a Sunday soon.

Gratefully in Christ,
Roman Walley