At Mosaic we strive to be a family closer than family. We want to be known as the most hospitable, sacrificial, and generous people in our community.

It just so happens that God designed us and the world in a way that when we serve together, we grow together. To that end, we heavily encourage men and women at Mosaic to serve in the life of the church, in the life of our community, and in the life of our world.

If you are interested in serving in the life of Mosaic, you can fill out this form here and we will follow up with you regarding opportunities to serve.

Currently, have finalized local partnerships and are evaluating and international partnerships with a few strategic organizations. You can learn more about these here.

It is our hope that not only will Mosaic have financial partnerships with these organizations, but that we will regularly encourage our people to take up participation in what God is doing in Richardson and in the world through these ministries.