The Whole Story (2019-20)

We believe that we can’t love what we don’t know. This sermon series is aimed at helping the people of Mosaic develop a strong understanding of the whole story of scripture. The series is framed around thirty or so big questions and each week of the series has us walking through scripture addressing that question.

Week 1 (Sept. 8)

Topic: The Whole Story
Text: Genesis 1-2, Revelation 21-22
Sermon: Here
Blog post:
Article: A New Heaven and a New Earth
Video: Why theology is important?
Video: The Story of the Bible
Podcast: Nancy Guthrie on the Eschatology of Eden


Mosaic Vision Series (Summer 2019)

A four-week series reminding us who we are as a church and a people through the book of Philippians.

Week 1: Why are we here?
Week 2: Who are we?
Week 3: What are we doing?
Week 4: What shapes us?

Anatomy of the Soul (Summer 2019)


John Calvin called the Psalms, “An anatomy of all parts of the soul.” The Psalms are such a rich part of the Christian imagination and invite us into learning how to feel the truth of what God is doing in the world and in our lives. To learn more about our 10 a.m. Sunday gathering, click here.

Week 1: Psalm 1 (Kyle Worley)
Week 2: Psalm 8 (Bryan Plantes)
Week 3: Psalm 19 (Jeff Shelffo)
Week 4: Psalm 27 (Kyle Worley)
Week 5: Psalm 51 (Kyle Porter)
Week 6: Psalm 130 (Clint Patronella)
Week 7: Psalm 86 (Ryan Hembree)
Week 8: Psalm 4 (Kyle Worley)

Gospel Communities (Spring 2019)

A four-week series about how we a Mosaic Church think about uniting behind a shared missional objective or commitment.

Week 1: A Vision and a Hope
Week 2: Life with God — Grow Together
Week 3: Life on Life — Give Together
Week 4: Life on Mission — Go Together

Way of Jesus (Spring 2019)


When we walk in the way of Jesus, we will be confronted and comforted by His witness and we will confront and comfort the world with our witness.

Week 1: The Beloved King
Week 2: The King’s Rule
Week 3: The King Who Feasts
Week 4: The King Who Rests
Week 5: The King’s Authority
Week 6: Bringing our Need to Jesus
Week 7: The Cosmic King
Week 8: The King Who Wants Your Heart
Week 9: Peter’s Confession
Week 10: The King’s Glory Revealed
Week 11: Being Great
Week 12: Only for Children
Week 13: The King Enters
Week 14: The King Has to Die

Advent (Christmas 2018)

Mosaic_Advent2018_intro (2).png

We looked at what Jesus coming to earth to be born of a virgin means for us as it relates to the past but also what it means for us as it relates to the future.

Week 1: Genealogy of Jesus
Week 2: A future hope
Week 3: Mary’s power and song
Week 4: The last prophet
Week 5: The birth of Christ
Week 6: How will you respond?

We Are Mosaic (Fall 2018)


We walked through the book of Ephesians as we studied who disciples are, what they do and what that will look like for Mosaic in the months and years to come.