Heights Park (Haydens/Hembrees): Taco Joint after Church
Email: ryanm.hembree@gmail.com 

Heights Park (Lotts): Breakfast before Church from 8:30-9:30 at 618 Lockwood Drive
Email: drew.r.lott@gmail.com | thelottfamilyemail@gmail.com 

Greenwood Hills (ONeals and Velders): Dinner Sunday Evening
Email: onealg@me.com | ajvelder@gmail.com 

Highland Terrace/Brick Row (Smiths and Hardys): Lunch after church at 376 Birth Lane
Email: jansenbryansmith@gmail.com | davidhardy.mn@gmail.com 

Arapaho Heights (Cliftons/Heberts): Football, snacks, and space for kiddos to play at 3:30PM
Email: whitneyj.clifton@gmail.com | marcimhebert@gmail.com 

Northrich (Wests/Worleys): Potluck at 6PM at 1406 Timberlake Circle
Email: kworley@mosaicrichardson.com | robwest33@gmail.com 

Richardson Heights (Gideons/Tong): 5PM Dinner with families at 749 James Drive
Email: ggideon@gmail.com | ashleytgideon@gmail.com 

Cottonwood Heights (Chase/Spell): Hanging out at 4PM at 719 Laguna Drive
Email: chase005@gmail.com | graham@rayl.org 

The Reservation (Rudds): Women's Bunco Night at 5:30 | Guys will meet the following Sun. on 1/20
Email: alisarudd@gmail.com | robdrudd@gmail.com 

Yale Park/Duck Creek/Renner Peninsula: Lunch after church at Piada at Beltline
Email: jshelffo@gmail.com | kshelffo@gmail.com

Berkner Park (Reeds/Dieners): Hang from 4PM-6PM
Email: timothyareed@gmail.com and max.c.diener@gmail.com