Mosaic Church FAQs

Where will Mosaic meet?

Mosaic Church will meet at the Richardson ISD Professional Development Center at the corner of Belt Line and Floyd in Richardson. This has been one of our primary prayer requests, and we are joyful for the way the Lord has answered it as well as his timing.

What is Mosaic’s timeline?

We are currently still building the launch team, and we will all go through training together this summer. We plan on starting our weekly gathering in late August or early September.

You can read more about our historical timeline right here.

What is the launch team?

The Mosaic launch team is a group of men and women who have covenanted with Mosaic to serve each other as the church body and help provide a stable foundation for this church in the city of Richardson. These are men and women committed not only to each other and Mosaic but also to the expansion of God’s kingdom and a personal pursuit of holiness within the community.

What will launch team training look like?

Training will look a lot like an extended membership class. There will be teaching around the beliefs, strategy, and philosophy of Mosaic Church.  We will work through how Mosaic will initially function as an organization (including worship, preaching and small group rhythms) and what our goals and dreams are for the city of Richardson (as well as some history of our city). If you are already on the launch team, you can RSVP here.

How long is my commitment to the launch team for?

If you commit to the launch team you are committing to help build Mosaic through six months after its official launch into weekly worship.

How can I join the launch team?

If you are interested in joining the launch team, please email Kyle Worley at

What am I committing to if I join the launch team?

Here is your commitment.

Why are you already accepting giving if the church has not started?

There are many pre-launch needs including insurance premiums, website development, launch team training, administrative expenses and our new facility that require financial resources. We also want to wisely plan for the staffing needs that Mosaic will have.

Won’t The Village be helping financially?

Although The Village has supported Mosaic with a one-time gift, the primary way that The Village has financially supported Mosaic is by sending their members and encouraging them to give to Mosaic. This is a good gift from the leadership at The Village and unique within the church-planting world. We are very grateful for their generosity.

What are your budgeting goals?

The budget is still being finalized.

Is this a Village Church plant?

Yes, but it is not a Village campus. The Village will not govern Mosaic Church in any way. Nor is our attendance or leadership exclusive to only people who have attended The Village. This church is not about where you’ve attended church but rather about where you live. We exist to serve and love the city of Richardson.

How will the leadership be structured?

Mosaic will be an elder-led church. However, the church will not be able to be led by a group of elders until at least 2019. In the interim, Mosaic’s decision-making body will be a group of five men (Kyle Worley, Joe Worley, Bryan Plantes, Kent Rabalais and Kyle Porter) that make up the Board of Directors.

What will small groups or Bible study look like?

We are currently looking at a variety of models for what small groups -- or time with other members that is not the “weekly gathering” -- will be.

How will Mosaic handle childcare or children’s ministry?

We have been in counsel with children's ministries at The Village and other church plants and believe we have a sense of creating a sustainable way to do this. Our facility allows for a variety of models when it comes to shepherding and teaching children.

Discipling kids is a very important aspect of the church body, and we take it very seriously. The Village is graciously allowing us to use their resources for children’s ministry, and children have been one of the most discussed parts of the church (if not the most) as we prepare to begin. With that in mind, it’s important to note that most everyone at Mosaic will have a role in children's ministry on at least a monthly basis.

What will Mosaic's denominational affiliation be?

Mosaic Church will be aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention as it provides avenues for training and sending planters and missionaries. We are still exploring local and network partnerships.

What will programming look like for Mosaic?

The initiation of programs will be deliberately slow. Because Mosaic is a church plant, the resources to offer programs will, at least initially, be limited. Our primary aim for programming includes biblical literacy as well as children’s ministry.

When and how should we move our membership from our current church to Mosaic?

We ask that you continue to journey well with your church, wherever you are gathering right now. This will be discussed more at launch team training but likely will not happen until after the summer.

How is Mosaic church governed?

Here is a look at our bylaws.