Mosaic Church Values

Grow Together

Worship: We center our hearts, minds and lives around the Triune God.
We learn about God by studying and meditating on His Word.
Prayer: We talk with God, expressing both our needs and gratitude.

Give Together

Service: We serve those inside and outside of our church family.
Generosity: We give to the church and those in need with our time and money.
Hospitality: We invite, welcome and love all those we see and meet.

Go Together

Disciplemaking: We proclaim the gospel to our neighbors and to the nations.
Vocation: We image God by working with integrity and excellence.
Church Planting: We train and send pastors to lead churches around the world.

Mosaic Church Distinctives

Gospel-Centered Theology

God is the initiator of Salvation and Jesus is the Hero. God doesn’t respond to us – we respond to God’s initiative and calling. He saves and secures us for salvation and we respond only because of and by his grace. Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension and sending of the Spirit are the center and fulfillment of our faith. It is through him, because of him and in him that we come to be God’s people, are transformed and have hope for final restoration.

Charismatic Pneumatology

We believe the Holy Spirit is alive and active in regeneration, empowerment and ongoing filling for the purposes of God in this world. We believe all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still available today, but not one of them in particular is required to give evidence of the baptism or filling of the Spirit. The baptism of the Spirit accompanies believer’s baptism, which is its proper symbol.

Already-Not-Yet Eschatology

We believe the Kingdom of God was inaugurated in Jesus’ first coming and will be consummated in his second coming. We live in the “in between” where we can experience the reign of Jesus while longing for its completion as we also experience the reality that things are not yet fully as they will be within the new heaven and new earth. We acknowledge the variety of views within inaugurated eschatology and allow for this variety within our family.

Missional Ecclesiology

We believe the church is the family of God sent by the Spirit to make disciples of Jesus to all nations throughout the world. We are saved by God’s power for God’s purposes to bring him glory in all things wherever we are. The church is always being sent by God to accomplish his mission.

Gospel Communities On Mission As Prime Organizing Structure

We believe the most irreducible and effective structure for making disciples as the church is a Gospel Community. This is a smaller group of people who gather regularly and engage in everyday life on mission throughout the week with a commitment to reaching a particular people and place together with the goal of making disciples and multiplying and sending more GCs.

Ordered Equality in Shared Ministry

We are complementarians in that we believe men and women are created in the image of God equally, yet with distinct roles in the church. Men and women are called to use their gifts fully in the ministry of the church under the leadership of biblically qualified male elders/pastors. While the office of elder is reserved for biblically qualified men, we believe that both biblically qualified men and women can be ordained and serve as deacons/ministers in the life of the church.

Family Discipleship in worship

We believe that the primary discipling presence for children in a Christian household should be the parents. We believe that it is the role of the church and its officers to encourage, equip, and empower parents to regularly engage in the discipleship of those in their household. In light of this, we actively encourage families, at the first moment that children are able, to include their children in the corporate worship of the body as it gathers weekly.