Our Beliefs

At Mosaic, we believe that one of the greatest opportunities for disciple making is among our children. We believe that God has called parents to be the primary disciple makers in their home, and we want to equip parents to disciple their children through:

  • Model: Modeling the way of Jesus

  • Time: Creating regular time to disciple their children

  • Moments: Seizing teachable moments by being “present” with their children

  • Milestone: Learning how to mark significant development milestones in the lives of their children

Each week when we gather, we want to think strategically about how to create an environment where our children are discipled in the way of Jesus. Our children, and the children in our city, are not just little minds to keep entertained while the adults worship, but they are future disciples of Jesus.

So, we want to teach them the way of Jesus by communicating one of our four foundational truths about God each week:

  • God is Great: He is sovereign over all things.

  • God is Good: He is worthy of our trust.

  • God is Glorious: He satisfies his people.

  • God is Gracious: He saves his people.



Programming and Strategy

Our current standard is full programming for kids from infants through kindergarten. We have partial programming for 1st-3rd graders as they sit in on the Sunday gathering with adults for the first portion of the service. Kids older than 3rd grade are brought in to the gathering to worship with adults and hear the sermon.

Check in begins 15 minutes before our gathering, which is currently at 10 a.m. on Sundays.

Our Vision

To provide a gospel-centered environment for our children that is safe, vibrant, and sustainable.

• Children’s Ministry volunteers at Mosaic are required to undergo Ministry Safe training, screening, “on the job” training, and background checks.