You Can't Love What You Don't Know

Photo by  Art Lasovsky  on  Unsplash

Yesterday we kicked off our year-long series entitled “The Whole Story.” You can find the sermons here.

We believe that we can’t love what we don’t know. This sermon series is aimed at helping the people of Mosaic develop a strong understanding of the whole story of scripture. The series is framed around thirty or so big questions and each week of the series has us walking through scripture addressing that question.

Knowing that we can’t really answer every question entirely on a Sunday morning, we will be posting a link to helpful resources every Monday during the series. The hope is that maybe these resources will help you dive deeper into the questions we explore together during corporate worship on Sundays.

Yesterday we asked the question: “How does the story begin and end?” If you’d like to explore this question and some related topics a bit more, you might find these resources helpful.

Note: While we believe the resources above may be helpful, we are not endorsing everything included in every resource.

Kyle Worley