Prayer is a Conversation

“My sheep hear my voice..” - John 10:27-28

It seems like there are a thousand voices clamoring for our attention at all times. Do you feel this way? Whether it’s talking heads in the news, the voice of bosses we want to impress, kiddos clamoring for our attention, the entertaining distraction of Netflix or Spotify, or neighbors we want to like us ... there are thousands of voices screaming out, “Hear me! Listen to me! I have what you need to hear!”

And yet, prayer is an invitation to be quiet and listen to the one voice that actually only speaks truth, goodness, and beauty. We want to know and be known, but it seems like we are constantly being pulled away from hearing the voice of God. And yet He is speaking.

Today, God invites you to talk to him and to listen to him. God hears you when you pray, and when we pray, we open ourselves up to hear God’s voice of truth and love. God wants to be with you, and deep down the deepest desire of your heart (of every heart) is to be with God.

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” - Jeremiah 33:3


→ How does it make you feel knowing that God wants to talk with you?

→ How does it change your perspective on prayer knowing that your loving Father always has time for you?


“Jesus, thank you for your promise that I hear your voice. I ask you to awaken and arrest my heart to hear you when you speak to me.”

Prayer Points

  • Adoration: Praise God that He has spoken and is speaking in His word.

  • Confession: Confess the voices you often turn to instead of God.

  • Thanksgiving: Give thanks that Jesus is God’s word made flesh.

  • Supplication: Ask for greater sensitivity to hearing God’s voice.

Kyle Worley