God Won’t Stop

Photo by  Daniel Leone  on  Unsplash

Photo by Daniel Leone on Unsplash

Philippians 1:6, “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

God finishes what He starts. In our life, it often feels like our faith is feeble and frail, like the slightest breeze could loosen our grip on God. But the good news of God’s grace is that the strength of our faith isn’t rooted in how strong our hold on God is, but on how strong his hold on us is. God won’t stop what He has started.

God won’t let us go. His love is too deep, too good, and too strong.


→ When was a time God held you when you couldn’t hold on any longer?

→ How does this steadfast love of God shape the way you love?


“God, you won’t quit with me. You aren’t going to leave me or abandon me. Even if everyone else leaves, you remain. Even if everyone else rejects me, your love won’t fail. May this never ending unbreakable love give me confidence to be vulnerable and take risks.

Prayer Points

  • Adoration: Praise God that He is faithful and steadfast.  

  • Confession: Confess where you feel abandoned and alone.

  • Thanksgiving: Give thanks that Jesus has brought you into an unbreakable love.

  • Supplication: Ask the Spirit to give you a risk taking faith.

Kyle Worley