A Family Closer Than Family 


We are a family of disciplemakers passionate about heralding the gospel in Richardson. From the people to the parks to the businesses to the schools, we love our beautiful and diverse city. Yet our heart is broken to see a greater gospel presence here. It’s not that Richardson needs more church buildings. The people of this city are desperate for a place to belong. They are looking for a family. We believe God is calling us to rally together in Richardson to be this family.


Grow Together

WORSHIP - We center our hearts, minds and lives around the Triune God.
BIBLE - We learn about God by studying and meditating on His Word.
PRAYER - We talk with God, expressing both our needs and gratitude.

Give Together

SERVICE - We serve those inside and outside of our church family.
GENEROSITY - We give to the church and those in need with our time and money.
HOSPITALITY - We invite, welcome and love all those we see and meet.

Go Together

VOCATION - We image God by working with integrity and excellence.
EVANGELISM - We proclaim the gospel to our neighbors and to the nations.

CHURCH PLANTING - We train and send pastors to lead churches around the world.

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A Strategy to Reach the City of Richardson

Neighborhoods will be the primary place men, women and families of Mosaic experience meaningful community and practice the “one anothers” of Scripture together. 

At Mosaic, we will look to form groups of believers across our city who are committed to living as a gospel-centered family of disciplemakers in their neighborhood.

Our Partners in the Gospel 


Kyle served on staff at The Village Church for the last five years. The Village will provide pastoral oversight and resources and will be sending members to be a part of the church.



Kyle grew up in this church, served there for three years as the student pastor and has deep roots in the community. FBC Groves will provide pastoral oversight and resources to Mosaic.